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Doubt Clearing Session
by Admin User - Wednesday, 7 June 2017, 3:51 AM

New doubt clearing session for all will be happening on 13th June at 4 PM IST.


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We bring you “Analytics Foundation Program” -

A 4-day classroom training program in business analytics which will enable you to use analytics in

business decision making. 

This program is a focused attempt to provide a solid foundation for everyone seeking to get a

complete understanding of business analytics fundamentals. It will help you realize how

analytics can be used for strategic, tactical & operational decision making in your business.


Learn Python from basics to advanced level 

Learn Basics to Advanced Excel For Analaytics

Learn basics to industry level R

Learn basics to industry level R

Financial Modeling is the most widely used and most required skill-set in financial institutions, banking, and other related Industries. With Our Financial Modeling Certification Training Course, participants will learn all the technicalities that are in demand. You’ll be exposed to industry best practices for building effective earnings models, and will be provided with detailed practical experience of developing, debugging and balancing complex models that help derive effective business solutions quickly and accurately.Getting a certification will help validate your skills among others, thereby enabling you to stand out from the crowd.

Learn Big data using Apache Spark

Learn Big data haddop

This course is about how you showcase your data using variety of options. 

This course is about data mining. Find more.

Machine Learning with SAS


Machine Learning with R


Data Visualisation using Tableau